In today’s cost-conscious environment, many chemical material users are tempted to buy more than they need due to savings associated with bulk purchase. This can result in dead or slow moving stock requiring disposal or resale. It can also result in perfectly good stock becoming surplus and in this case, a decision has to be made on its future.

CCPL/ has been connecting buyers and sellers of Chemicalsand Surplus chemicals. Through our new Chemical Marketplace, we are making this process easier than ever before for both parties. Selling your surplus chemicals is a cost effective alternative to chemical disposal of usable chemicals.

Our technical operations are led by mature & experienced scientific minds with many years of Industrial experience

How Does it work?

Purchase Certified slow moving/dead usable inventory/chemicals (within expiry limits) for much less than market price

Sellers with slow moving/dead usable inventory (within expiry limits) get in touch with us at chemicals will be displayed on our site  as free Classifieds 

For further details check this link:  How it Works

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